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Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
Assess, Recommend, Improve!
"Did you know the cost of failure is greater than the cost of success?"   IV&Vs are an effective way to increase the success of your mission-critical project by identifying risks early and providing you valuable and timely feedback. Our objective assessments identify and recommend risk mitigation strategies that can improve your projectís performance.
We conduct IV&Vs that range from full life cycle coverage to specific technical evaluations. Our reviews of project processes, procedures, and artifacts are based on industry best practices such as PMBOK, SEI CMMI and IEEE.
For an introduction to IV&V visit our video series: IV&V MythBusters
Our IV&V Services
  • Full Life Cycle Assessments: Right from the project start, full-time dedicated analysts independently and continuously assess the project through completion, providing recommendations for improvement.
  • Point-in-Time Assessments: We evaluate a project at a specific point during the SDLC. The effort focuses on artifact reviews and stakeholder interviews.
  • Technical Domain Assessments: We use domain SMEs to assess the performance and quality of specific software engineering products and recommend improvements.
  • Data Quality Assessments: We evaluate data to verify integrity and quality, using a variety of techniques, such as statistical sampling.
  • Organizational Assessments: We evaluate the skills and interactions of individuals, teams, and organizations, and make recommendations to help improve organizational performance and increase the success of projects.
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA) Assessments: We evaluate if software engineering products developed conform to requirements and satisfy their intended use through analyses, evaluations, reviews, inspections, and testing.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Assessments: We use our QA methodology to evaluate if the project is complying with approved plans, organization standards, and industry best practices, and then identify areas for improvement.